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Beeswax Candle Wicks

$32.92 $35.00
Beeswax Candle Wicks
Beeswax Candle Wicks
$32.92 $35.00

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This Beeswax Candle Wicks is nice and looks just like the pics. The bees can be a little difficult to get stuck on with the wings too, but not a game-changer. Gets a lot of attention and conversation as it is unique. Almost hate to burn it but have done it some. Just have to remember to blow it out before it gets too close to the clamp. If not, the wax gets melted in the clamp itself some and you end up having to dig it out of the clamp. From what I know now, I will definitely be buying a replacement spiral when this one is used up…

Promised Review By Tideman
  • Self-extinguishes with burning time of 70 hour
  • Made of pure beeswax
  • The metal stand designed to give bee structure
  • Unique design that is both rustic and innovative