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Beer Brewing Machine

Beer Brewing Machine
Beer Brewing Machine

BeerDroid Fully Automated Beer Brewing System with American Pale Ale BrewPrint

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I really like Beer Brewing Machine solution for craft beer based on what I’ve seen and used so far, the BeerDroid fermenter and associated kegging equipment. My first beer is in the secondary fermentation stage with another week or so to go.

I’ve been a home brewer for 30+ years, on and off. Mostly “off” recently as It’s hard to find the time:

1 or 2 hours for planning and purchasing a partial mash recipe at a local brew store

5 or so hours of alone time without my spouse in the kitchen to cook the recipe and clean up afterwards.

1 or 2 hours after brewing complete to bottle and/or keg the brew

While I really enjoy being able to share the finished product with family and friends (and drink some myself), it’s too hard to find the time every month or so to make a new batch.

I’m changing to BrewArt as it is much less time consuming, as well as reviews showing it makes really good beer. It’s proving to be a real timesaver to get me excited about brewing again. The trade-off: I’m giving up control over things like recipes and ingredients, as BrewArt has designed a “walled garden” system for brewing.

The BrewArt solution consists of:

The BeerDroid, a temperature/app controlled fermenter for 10 liters of beer

BrewPrints, complete kits for 45+ different types of beer for use with the Beerdroid

BrewArt’s complete kegging pack, each keg holds 5 liters of beer. (BrewArt also sells bottles and a filling tube for bottling beer.)

The BrewFlo, for dispensing beer kegs

The BrewArt app

The BrewArt website and support, which I’ve found to be very responsive. The BrewArt site also provides a community for sharing experiences.

The initial outlay for the BeerDroid is expensive, but my guess is I’ve spent near that amount over the years in a never-ending quest to try to control the beer making process (can anyone say “wort chiller”?).

The BeerDroid provides control over the process, plus I’ll finally be able to try some lagers, which require a controlled temperature for fermentation that is lower than the room temperature allowable for ales.

My first impressions of the Beerdroid, Brewprint, and the BrewArt App out of the box:

I had to do some quick assembly by inserting the tap, then another 15 minutes to install the Brewart app and hook the Brewdroid to my wifi system. The setup went smoothly and my Brewdroid gained a name through this process: “Beery White”.

The Brewart app’s “101” section extremely useful — it consists of many short videos every aspect of setup,sterilization, brewing, kegging, and even pouring the brew. I used these videos almost exclusively to guide my efforts. An Australian narrator was a nice touch!

After sanitizing the keg by filling it with water, popping in a sanitizing tablet (supplied) and waiting an hour, I was ready to brew.

Now the big difference, instead of the 5 hour brewing time mentioned above, I spent maybe 15 minutes starting the brew for a “Spoke Amber Ale” Brewprint. All I did was fill the BrewDroid with water, open the various packets of ingredients, and gently pour on top – no need to stir. In the BrewArt app I selected “Spoke” and started brewing!

The Brewart app alerted me to the progress of the beer, starting with “propagation”, then detecting “fermentation” starting. When Beery White detected the fermentation was complete, it alert me that it was ready to keg. This was about 5 days.

Next step, kegging. This is a fairly straightforward process:

sanitizing tubes, connectors, and keg caps by disassembling, placing in a pan with water, adding another sanitizing tablet, and waiting 1 hour.

inserting disposable liners into plastic keg jars

adding hop extracts and keg primer (sucrose) from the Spoke Brewprint,

then dispensing beer from the Beerdroid into the kegs

The app brewing 101 videos directed me through this process

I encountered a problem during sterilization of the kegging equipment. When dumping out the sterilization water, I must have lost 2 of 4 small poppets used for the keg cap assemblies. In the future I need to have a list of items to check for when laying everything out to dry, before dumping the water down the sink.

BrewArt support came back quickly and said they’d send me replacement poppets at no charge.

I didn’t want to wait for the replacement poppets, though I could have. The BrewDroid has a “storage” mode, which cools the beer wort until ready to keg, then can warm it up again to the proper kegging temperature.

With only 2 of the poppets, I could fill one keg of beer, and decided to bottle the rest. This will allow me to compare bottled vs. kegged, as well as providing beer that I can give to family and friends for their opinion as well.

Conclusion: This is a really good product and I’m excited to be brewing again. I’ll be choosing some more BrewPrints (from a selection of 45+) to try. As long as the beer is really good, I’ll be happy, even though the “walled garden” is counter to what I’ve done for years as a home brewer.

Promised Review By Kim M
  • Quality beer at the touch of a button
  • Full temperature control throughout
  • Fermentation (EOF) technology

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