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Bedside Sleeper Attaches To Bed

Bedside Sleeper Attaches To Bed
Bedside Sleeper Attaches To Bed

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From the moment my daughter turned two weeks I had been looking for a safe, inclined Bedside Sleeper Attaches To Bed for my daughter to sleep on at night. Her silent reflux was quickly getting worse and she absolutely hated sleeping on her back. When she was put on her back she would cough and choke. There are several products on the market that are inclined but only recommended for supervised sleeping (nap time). We had a lot of difficulty finding something that was safe, inclined and my daughter didn’t scream when she was put in it.

At two months old we found this product! The only regret we have is that we didn’t find it sooner! It is easy to put up, fits great against our bed and best of all, it has an adjustable incline! It was everything we had been looking for! Most bassinets we came across fit children up to 3 months or 12-15lbs (depending on brand). Our daughter was in the 99th% for her height at birth and many bassinets wouldn’t fit her after a month. This one is HUGE!

I will say if you have a wiggly kiddo like mine, she does tend to slide if we put it on a more drastic incline setting, so at night we just incline slightly and during the day we will increase the incline when she is napping or awake, supervised and hanging out.

Promised Review By S. Sheppard
  • A comfortable and calm sleep
  • Safe for baby rolling over
  • Lightweight so can be adjust anywhere
  • Adjust the height according to demand
  • Can be placed side by side with beds
  • Easy to assembly
  • Great gift for babies
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