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Beautiful Poetry Of Donald Trump

Beautiful Poetry Of Donald Trump
Beautiful Poetry Of Donald Trump

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After reading Beautiful Poetry Of Donald Trump by the President of the United States, I had to give it five stars (Amazon wouldn’t let me give it all it deserves). It is the GREATEST, the MOST IMPORTANT book of poetry this country has produced. I enjoyed it enormously, and the sublime verse has changed not only how I view poetry, but how I see the world.

Reading this, I can only hope that Mr. Trump would give up his government job and truly devote himself to his muse, spending his time creating this beautiful, beautiful poetry the world needs so much!

[To be clear, nothing in this book is “anti-Trump”. It’s all the President’s own words, simply rearranged a bit for the sake of meter, rhyme, or syllabification.]

Promised Review By Portista
  • Get the laughter after reading Donald Trump poetry
  • Made of President’s tweet and transcripts
  • Reordering a tweaking with the words to make it funny
  • Not anti-Trump
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