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Beats Wireless Earbuds Tour 3

Beats Wireless Earbuds Tour 3
Beats Wireless Earbuds Tour 3

Powerbeats Pro Wireless Earbuds - Apple H1 Headphone Chip, Class 1 Bluetooth Headphones, 9 Hours of Listening Time, Sweat Resistant, Built-in Microphone - Navy

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Beats Wireless Earbuds Tour 3 is best product.I pre-ordered these headphones before reading any reviews because I have been so desperate to find good headphones to run with. In my nearly 30 years of existence, I’ve never been satisfied with a pair of headphones. I probably have the weirdest shapes ears ever because nothing fits them. Either they slide out or hurt, or both.

Day 1- FINALLY THEY’RE HERE!!! ? I charged them while finishing my work day up (I think they came pretty much charged because they were at 100% within 5-10 minutes) then eagerly headed to the park for a test run. The temp has reached the 90’s here in Mississippi so it was inevitable that they would be receiving a sweat test! After 3 miles (41 minutes, let me mention I’m a beginner runner) I realized I never had to adjust them or push them back into my ear, not ONCE! I’m thinking this is too good to be true! I had forgotten I even had them on, other than the fact that I had a clean crisp bass playing in my ears. I also own a pair of Studio beats, and honestly these ear buds sounds almost as good… which is pretty awesome to not have to wear something so bulky but still have the noise cancellation and sound quality.

Overall, it’s only been one day but my first impression is absolutely amazed.

Side note, these were shipped in a box big enough to fit a baby heifer and it looked like it had been thrown off a mountain. I could almost remove the tiny product box through an opening of the baby heifer shipping box. Not sure if Amazon or UPS is to blame for that, but it definitely wasn’t the headphones fault.

Promised Review by Emz
  • Up to 9 hours of listening time
  • Adjustable, secure-fit ear hooks
  • Reinforced design for sweat and water resistance