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Bearded Axe For Sale

Bearded Axe For Sale
Bearded Axe For Sale

CRKT Woods Tomahawk Axe: RMJ T-Hawk Lightweight Outdoor Camping Axe

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Bearded Axe For Sale is very nice product. I am happy with it considering the price I paid and have only played with it a day. I will update my review once I have taken it out and used it some.

My intended use for this hawk is extremely multi purpose….. Camping, bushcraft, self defense, throwing, and anything else one would use a tomahawk for. Jack of all trades master of none kinda thing.

The most Important thing is that I was worried about is that I would get one with that does not fit the handle well. however the fit on this one was excellent.

Handle looks good and the grain looks good, so I am happy with those aspects of it. I will say the handle is a little thicker than expected. Not really good or bad, just surprising.

It was not very sharp at all, which was expected and I actually prefer things like this come dull so I can put my own edge on it. In this case however I had to take away a star because the edges where ground off center (see image).

Normally that alone would cause me to return it because now I have to put even more work into it fixing that before sharpening.

But since I am going to do some other mods anyway, it’s not that big of a deal. I would say that if putting your own edge bevel and honing the edge on a cutting tool is not something you have the time or skill for, then pay a little more and get a hawk that has it done correctly out of the box. And either way, you should learn IMHO.

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  • 1055 Carbon steel provides durability
  • Tennessee hickory is a dense material
  • Designed by Ryan Johnson of RMJ Tactical

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