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Bean Bag Chairs For Adults

Bean Bag Chairs For Adults
Bean Bag Chairs For Adults

Sofa Sack - Plush Bean Bag Sofas with Super Soft Microsuede Cover - XL Memory Foam Stuffed Lounger Chairs For Kids, Adults, Couples - Jumbo Bean Bag Chair Furniture - Charcoal 6'

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Bean Bag Chairs For Adults is an adult sized bean bag I purchased on Amazon. While the dimensions were clearly stated in the product description, I had no idea it was this large! The photo attached is shortly after I took it out of the 2×2 cube. The poor FedEx lady must have thought I was smuggling in bricks of some substance, because that box weighed a ton. I opened the box, pulled off the vacuum sealed plastic, and this thing expanded immediately. Just a suggestion, open the box in the area you want to keep the bean bag. Unless you frequently drag dead bodies weighing more than 150 lbs. In that case, open it where ever you want and drag it to its resting place. For the next day, it grew. I was worried there wouldn’t be room for anyone else but me on this thing, but I was wrong!! I have successfully cuddled Katie, Angela, and Londa. Titus’ big ass also fits well.

The exterior is made of a material similar to microfiber. It is removable for washing. I told my kids I would beat them if they sit in it, but if they have the guts to soil it, I know I can clean it. The interior is made of memory foam and angel dreams. It’s heaven in a soft, huge, washable bag.

The reviews on Amazon said there was a weird smell for a few days. I didn’t have that experience, but it’s possible I didn’t notice. I do live with six males.

I don’t think the photos on Amazon were accurate, because there was one very dainty lady posed on the bag. Furthermore, I have moved my living room around to make room for this gem. Chuck says it’s a monstrosity that can’t stay where it’s at, but until we have Internet that can support more than one device, (I can’t stop binge-watching TV in it, we can only watch one TV at time) it’s staying. We can have a dance off if necessary.

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