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Battery Powered Water Gun

Battery Powered Water Gun
Battery Powered Water Gun

Battery Operated Motorized Automatic Electric Super Water Gun Soaker Blaster Kids Toy (Green)

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Battery Powered Water Gun is very nice product. My Pitbull is the sweetest girl ever, but she has a VERY mean bark. What’s worse is she’s not afraid to use it, and when she’s in a barking frenzy, a squirt or 10 from a wimpy squirt bottle doesn’t even penetrate her consciousness and the barking continues.

The steady stream combined with the scary sound effects from this device make this the perfect anti-bark weapon.

Once I received the device, I inserted batteries, added a zip tie for a loop and hung a 3M hook on the back of the front door, hung the weapon of mass barking destruction on said hook, and waited.

The next day, when my daily Prime order arrived, Kimber came running – as usual – to “greet” the UPS guy, I was ready. It took a 2 second burst of water and scary noise and she ran out the doggy door in the back of the house. After denying myself the pleasure of blowing off the imaginary smoke from the barrel, I replaced my trusty weapon on the hook.

And there is hangs today, as a constant reminder to Kimber what will happen if she barks at the front door. Now, whenever she hears a noise at the front door, instead of uncontrolled barking, she stifles her barks and heads out the back door.

Promised Review by Tmill
  • Motorized gun with no pumping required
  • High Powered Soaker is ideal for all
  • Realistic feel and sound effects
  • Rapid Fire Technology Shoots four bullet