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Bathtub Tray Diy

Bathtub Tray Diy
Bathtub Tray Diy

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I truly love this. It’s made my baths pretty cool and extra special. I put multiple items on it each bath and it’s sturdy. I mean you shouldn’t be using it as a support when you stand up. But it’s sturdy for holding items even while sitting on top of a super hot bath several times a week. My normal bath items: large water bottle, candle, small towel, possibly some chocolate, my phone, a book, and a small orchid. It likes the humidity and it’s pretty, seriously Love this. I think I would have liked one with permanent slots on either side, but I do appreciate that they’re removable whenever I’d like, which I have definitely done.

Promised Review By Alyssa Scavone
  • Crafted from 100% natural and Eco-friendly bamboo
  • Our sturdy design prevents tray from sliding
  • The large platform holds everything
  • This adjustable bamboo bathtub holder can fit any tub
  • Expandable arms to fit any size tub