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Baby Toys Musical

Baby Toys Musical
Baby Toys Musical

HOMOFY Baby Toys Musical Learning Table 6 Months Up- Early Education Activity Center Multiple Modes Game Kids Toddler Boys & Girls Toys for 1 2 3 Years Old Best Gifts

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Baby Toys Musical little musical toy is fun and the perfect size for a younger baby. I got it for my niece’s five-month since I missed her baby shower and she loves it.

She loves how colorful it is and likes to listen to all the different sounds it makes. It is easy to use and will provide your little one with hours of fun.

There is a little keyboard on it that plays the do, re, mi, and fa sounds. It’s cute and the munchkin really loves how it makes sounds and lights up when she presses on the keys. You can see her face light up just about every time.

The little book of animals makes the sounds of whichever animal its on. It sounds so realistic and afterward it plays a short and catchy lullaby tune. The only thing I didn’t like it that the giant giraffe doesn’t do anything and really is just there for looks.

I was hoping the entire table would make noises.

The middle part is pretty awesome too. It’s made to be a clock that the little one can spin on different things. It lights up and plays different lullaby depending on which number your on.

One of my favorite features about this musical table is that its versatile. You can carry it around, set it up as an activity table, or use the back pieces to attach it to the crib or something similar. This makes it super handy and something that you can bring along with you for car rides or trips to the sitter.

he legs snap right into place like nothing and the back pieces are even easier to attach. So far there haven’t been any issues with it coming loose or falling off the crib side, even with the baby snagging on it.

For the most part, it has been easy to clean. I had no issues with food getting stuck in between the keys or anything like that. While cleaning is a breeze, the battery life is a killer. I must warn that it tends to go through batteries quickly. I would recommend buying rechargeable, which was my sister’s solution.

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