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Baby Sleep Sack With Sleeves

Baby Sleep Sack With Sleeves
Baby Sleep Sack With Sleeves

Baby Wearable Blanket with Long Sleeves, 2t-4t Pajamas Sleep Suit for Babies Baby Wearable Blanket with Long Sleeves Lyocell Thermostatic Fiber Toddler Sleeping Sack

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Baby Sleep Sack With Sleeves is very nice product. I bought this wearable blanket during Amazon Prime Day in a size that was too big for my almost 1-year-old, with the intention that they would just grow in to it. In the summer, we left the sleeves off and the bottom buttons unzipped and this blanket worked perfectly. We typically keep the house in the mid-to-low 60s when we sleep in the summer. When it started to get cold and we needed to put the sleeves back on, we decided to buy another one of these that is the correct size!

I am really impressed by this blanket, and I feel that it is extremely underrated! I used to be constantly worried that baby was too hot or cold depending on what the temperature of the room was, but this blanket actually does an incredible job at regulating the body temperature inside the blanket. When the room is colder and I reach my hand in, baby is nice and cozy in there. Baby will pull their hands and feet in if they get chilly also, but you could always put socks on them as well. If the room is warm and I reach inside the blanket, baby is cozy, but not sweating.

This thing is fantastic and I’m really glad I have a second one now so I don’t have to rush and get it washed before bed when it’s dirty! I guess the only complaint I have is that the blanket doesn’t usually come dry on the inside the first time you dry it, so you just need to flip it inside out and dry it a few more minutes. But that should tell you about the quality of this blanket- I am still impressed how thick it is, especially after I foolishly tried to buy another brand of wearable blanket (and promptly returned it because it was extremely thin).

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  • Automatic Temperature Adjustment
  • Soft and breathable
  • Environmental Friendly Material
  • Detavable sleeves & Open widen legs design