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Baby Nose Cleaner

Baby Nose Cleaner
Baby Nose Cleaner

oogiebear - the safe baby nasal booger and ear cleaner; baby shower gift and registry essential snot removal tool

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I know Baby Nose Cleaner picture is a bit gross, but this is seriously the best investment ever for parents with babies that struggle with crusty or sticky boogers! And, so I wanted to include a picture to prove it!

My baby constantly has boogers in her nose & always sounded like she had a hard time breathing because of it. So, as an “over-worrier” type mom I’ve thoroughly researched & bought just about every booger tool there is – the booger sucker with a tube, the bulb, qtips, etc., you name it! Yes, those things would work to some degree, but always with great struggle, fussing, & crying. Just not worth all the time & effort for little results & upsetting my baby.

With the oogiebear I literally did a couple of quick & easy swipes & boom, nose cleared! I couldn’t believe how many boogies came out! My baby didn’t fuss, didn’t cry & to be honest didn’t really even seem to mind. I’m so happy to finally have found something that works! I feel as though I can breathe better myself when my baby can as well haha. Money well spent & mind at ease.

Promised Review By Kelly t
  • Safely and gently removes both sticky
  • oogiebear was developed with comfort in mind
  • oogiebear is a patented and classified medical device
  • This revolutionary tool is made of soft rubber with firm tips
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