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Baby Foot Peel Gone Wrong

$19 $26
Baby Foot Peel Gone Wrong
Baby Foot Peel Gone Wrong
$19 $26

Soft Touch Foot Peel Mask - Pack of 2 Feet Peeling Masks for Dry, Cracked Heels & Calluses - Exfoliating Foot Mask Peel for Baby Soft Skin, Original Aloe Vera

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Baby Foot Peel Gone Wrong is a very nice product. Regular Amazon Customer, here—not paid or sponsored. If you’re wondering which foot peel to try, this is the one! I tried the one that’s twice as expensive and got moderate results. This one gave me better results than I could have imagined. I have war-torn feet and had developed deep callouses over the years by traveling and walking everywhere. I’ve tried everything—sand paper, pumice, the “cheese” grater, and other softening products.

Nothing touched the callouses on my heels or on the sides of my feet. Like I said, I had tried the other popular foot mask, and it did a pretty good job of peeling the skin, but it still didn’t make a dent on my callouses. I used this one and started seeing peerage about 6 days in—and within a few days, the skin was just falling off my feet, and surprise, surprise—many layers of skin came off my callouses with no pain and not much fuss. It’s recommended that you not help the peeling along, but I couldn’t really resist, so I rubbed the skin in circular motions to help it loosen.

I could feel the calloused skin moving, so there was no need to dig or do surgery. The skin literally starts to separate and dry, and then fall off. I won’t say my callouses are gone—but I accomplished in a week what years of scraping and sanding failed to do. I would say I’m about halfway to baby skin on my heels. And, I’m thrilled, so I wanted to leave this note. Good peeling to you!

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