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Baby Car Seat Covers For Winter

Baby Car Seat Covers For Winter
Baby Car Seat Covers For Winter

Skip Hop Winter Car Seat Cover, Stroll & Go, Grey Feather

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Baby Car Seat Covers For Winter is very nice product. I really like this cover! At first, I was concerned that it wasn’t going to fit overtop of my car seat- the elastic band is very tight, it is a very snug fit! I’ve been using this for 6 months, in central Ontario, Canadian weather (lots of snow, -20 average)

The outer shell is water resistant, while the inside is fleece lined. The lining is soft, but not very thick, so I wouldn’t recommend using it for long periods in very cold weather (-30C), but I’ve never had any issues with my baby being cold, going to and from the car, and out and about on warmer days (-10).

There are flaps that you can cover your child’s face with, I know other reviews have said they don’t like this feature, because they feel it is smothering, but my baby has had no issues, and doesn’t fuss when they’re over her. I didn’t have to remove my seat’s canopy, it fits underneath it, and doesn’t stop it from functioning.

I’d buy this again, or as presents for anyone else. It has good quality for the price, especially in comparison to some other seat covers.

Promised Review by AlAZal
  • Baby car seat covers are the perfect accessory for cold weather
  • Keep the collar closed to block out cold wind
  • Universal fit car seat cover features soft fabric for baby’s comfort and elastic bottom for a snug fit on any car seat
  • Zip-off front flap for easy access