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Baby Bags For Travel

Baby Bags For Travel
Baby Bags For Travel

Koalaty 3-in-1 Universal Baby Travel Bag, Diaper Bag, Changing Station, Portable Bassinet Crib for infants and newborns.

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Baby Bags For Travel is very unique product. I put this bed to the test with a 10-hour train ride (both ways, so 20 hours in total) and this travel bed worked like an absolute charm! It’s lightweight which makes it extremely easy to transport, has plenty of pockets that held hand sanitizer, diapers, wipes, bibs, a spare outfit, and several toys for our 4-month-old to *nom* on. It even held two board books inside when zipped up in traveling position. It was quick and uncomplicated to set up and put to use.

As pictured, our babe played and slept in it both on the train and in the hotel room, and we even used it as a changing pad and a play mar for some tummy time. A drink was spilt into the bed while maneuvering around on the train, but it was so easy to just wipe it up with a cloth or in this case a wet wipe.

There’s enough room to last until maybe the one year mark, but our babe measures in the 97th Percentile in size so maybe not as long for us. Either way, it was a great investment for our travels and we’ll put it to use before gifting it once our Littles outgrows it.

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  • Your New Travel Buddy
  • Portable & Easy to Use
  • Durable Bag Construction
  • Various Colors Available