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Avent Baby Bottles

Avent Baby Bottles
Avent Baby Bottles

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These are our favorite Avent Baby Bottles. It was very hard to decide on which bottles to use when I got pregnant, because there are so many options, and basically for every bottle, there’s lovers and haters. So it makes it hard to decide which to choose. Ultimately I just went with avent because it’s well known. My exclusively breastfed baby has no problem taking these bottles on days when I have to work. They are easy to clean, and I love the softer nipples.

The only downfall, and the reason for 4 stars, is that it is hard for baby to get all the milk out when sitting up and using the bottle. These almost have to always be used when laying back, unless baby tips his head backwards, which is difficult to do in a high chair or in a car seat on a long road trip (which is where we found this out). Obviously feeding my baby in the car isn’t ideal or something I do all the time, but when we had to take a long road trip, it was definitely a necessity and a huge time saver to be able to feed him in his car seat. Only issue was when he got to the end, he mostly was sucking air because he couldn’t tip the bottle all the way up. Other than that, we love these bottles.

Also, if you have a spectra pump, these screw right onto the flange! Love this, so I can directly fill the bottle or use a bigger bottle for mornings when I produce lots of milk.

Promised Review By Mel KTop
  • Natural Nipple Shape
  • Ultra Soft nipple Mimics
  • Unique Air flex
  • Promotes natural latch
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