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ATM Savings Bank Toy

ATM Savings Bank Toy
ATM Savings Bank Toy

Eyestar ATM Savings Bank,Personal ATM Cash Coin Money Savings Bank Silver/Black Machine for Kids

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I got this ATM Savings Bank Toy for my young teen even though it’s a toy ATM Machine. The reasoning behind it is that she’s too young to have a bank account of her own but she wanted a bank that was better than just a money-in counting bank (which is what she currently was using to save money). The fact that a TARGET amount can be set is great incentive for saving money. The automatic bill insertion roller makes her feel like she’s “adulting” which is also incentive for her to use it. It’s also a working calendar (shows the date, day and time) and alarm clock too! There are some negative things I must comment on: 1) There is no Power On/Off so it’s on all the time, thus draining the batteries; 2) The storage compartment door is on the flimsy side; 3) There is no Volume Sound control – it’s either sound on or sound off…there is no in between. We did come up with a quick fix to somewhat muffle the sound to make it quieter. We took a piece of electrical tape (which is thicker than masking tape, for example) and just covered the speaker where the sounds come from. I showed that in the one photo (the tape we used was green).

The only other thing of note is that when putting in lots of bills; one right after the other, the roller mechanism can slow down, even with brand new batteries, and if the bills get bunched up inside the storage space it can hinder the roller from pulling in more bills too.

All in all though, my 13-year-old loves it and it’s just what she was looking for! Now if this was purchased strictly as a toy for younger kids, I’m not sure how this would hold up for long periods of playtime, especially that storage door. But for a pre-teen or young teen like mine who wants to save money in a more adult way, this is great!

Promised Review By Dolores M. Ulrich
  • Using Realistic Banking Card and PIN Code to Access
  • Automatic Coin Recognition
  • Automatic Paper Money Scroll–Press NOTE key
  • Only activated with the card provided
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