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AstroAI Digital Multimeter

$10.30 $12.99
AstroAI Digital Multimeter
AstroAI Digital Multimeter
$10.30 $12.99

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AstroAI Digital Multimeter so great. I was promptly contacted by customer service after posting my original review, and they were able to send over another set of leads for the meter. Tested the leads and they work even more reliably than my spare leads. Voltages, resistance, and continuity all work flawlessly!

Rating increased to 5 starts for a good product at a great price with excellent customer service!

Original Review:

The meter itself works great, came packaged nicely, and had some standard length leads with it.

Unfortunately, the meter was not reading anything at all! No voltage, no resistance, no amperage, and most importantly, no continuity!

So I went ahead and started checking it out, a bent paperclip in the ports for the leads quickly showed continuity! So that means there is an issue with a lead.

Checked the positive lead by probing into the COM port, continuity was confirmed.

Checked the negative lead in the same fashion, no continuity.

The negative lead fits in the ports, and the positive lead is very tight, almost a struggle to remove. The negative lead can be removed easily, and even after spreading the legs on the male end of the connector, it still would not give continuity.

No big deal, I have another dead meter so I’ll bum the leads from that one, and as stated before, with working leads it performs as expected.

Unfortunately I’ll have to dock a few points since without those spare leads, I’d have to either buy a spare set of leads or go through a warranty replacement process. I got lucky since I have a set, other people picking up their first entry level meter might not be so lucky. Might be a good idea to pick up a set of leads separately if you are concerned with quality control

Promised Review By Adam Swint
  • AC/DC Voltage DC Current Resistance
  • Diode Continuity
  • Overload Protection Data Hold
  • Backlight Display Low Battery Indication
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