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Artificial Tree For Home Decor

Artificial Tree For Home Decor
Artificial Tree For Home Decor

Artificial Bonsai Tree Fake Plants Room Decor for Bedroom Aesthetic and Home Farmhouse Bathroom Decor, Height 9.5"

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Artificial Tree For Home Decor is very nice product.

Good quality , and value for the money. I’ve been bored due to the pandemic so I started making stuff out of scrap wood and I had an idea to make something like this (in the picture) so it was a perfect for that. (Yes it looks like an elementary school child could have made it but I’m a beginner so was happy with it lol) but if anything the tree was perfect , made what I made look good and the dimensions were exactly correct.

I guess if your looking for something that looks SUPER realistic , you may have to pay more money for that. But for what I wanted it for and and the price it was perfect.

Promised Review by TracyP
  • Bonsai tree are pruned miniature landscape
  • A real zen garden bonsai takes years to fully grown
  • Artificial plants bonsai tree