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Army Man Bottle Opener

$15.99 $19.00
Army Man Bottle Opener
Army Man Bottle Opener
$15.99 $19.00

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Army Man Bottle Opener !!! This friggin guy is always low crawling all over my house trying to find my beer, like a typical Marine on leave. But the joke’s on him…I hid my beer in the fridge, out in the garage. Hey Sgt Pryer, you can easily open a bottle, but good luck in trying to open the garage door! He should’ve been named LCpl Schmukatelli!

Seriously, this is a great product. It’s good to go, is it not? The paint is chipping a bit, but it’s probably from all of the use it’s been getting…….from opening root beer and cola bottles??? Anyway…HAHA, and it’s a great conversation piece, too.

Promised Review By USFSam
  • Bring your sergeant on duty and let him open your bottles
  • Ergonomics applied to give you the best grip
  • Classic green color soldier on duty and ready for your order
  • Made of plastic
  • 100% guarantee from the maker