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Apple Watch Screen Protector

Apple Watch Screen Protector
Apple Watch Screen Protector

Julk Series 3 38mm Case for Apple Watch Screen Protector, iWatch Overall Protective Case TPU HD Clear Ultra-Thin Cover for Apple Watch Series 3 (38mm)(2-Pack)

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The Apple Watch Screen Protector is great. It’s barely noticeable, and it definitely protects your Apple watch.

Within the first day, I installed the screen protector I had banged my Apple Watch against a wall. I was so glad that I had ordered the screen protector because it is well known that Apple watches are not the most durable (or any Apple product for that matter). With that in mind,

it is essential that you take care of your Apple products, especially considering that they are not cheap to fix (literally, to repair the screen, it costs as much as the value of the watch itself).

So, spending $7.99 where you get two screen protectors, is definitely worth the money to avoid paying another $200 to fix the screen.

Only thing is that you have to apply a bit of pressure in your touch when using your Apple watch with the screen protector on so that it’s responsive (but, maybe that it is just me since I was so soft with my Apple watch in the beginning without the screen protector because I was scared of it breaking).

Promised Review By Isabel Jara
  • – Extremely inexpensive
  • – Durable against metal and concrete surfaces
  • – Protects watch against abrasion AND impact/piercing
  • – Easy to install/uninstall/clean/maintain
  • – Touch sensitivity is top-notch (even after damage to case)
  • Like most TPU, it yellows over time
  • – It’s easy for water to get under the case, causing the touch sensitivity to not work. I expected this during things like swimming, but it is also fairly common from sweating in high temps as well as washing hands if you’re not careful.
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