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Apple pencil 1st Gen

Apple pencil 1st Gen
Apple pencil 1st Gen

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I’m not gonna write an Apple pencil 1st Gen review, you can find a million online that discuss the pros and cons of the design (such as losing caps and lightning adapters, etc…). All I’m gonna say is that this is the ONLY choice if you want to write or draw on an iPad Pro. I was skeptical of dropping $100 on a stylus that I didn’t expect to work that well. There was also the question of “Do I really need one?”. Well, turns out I use it all the time after only having it for a few days. I love writing notes with it as well as photo editing (I’m a photographer). The apps that are optimized for it have zero lag time, and it’s as close to writing on paper as you’re gone get, and that’s because you’re writing on glass. Nothing can change that…

My advice is to buy a case for it. After trying a few, I liked the Moko. Has space for Pencil and the extra nib and lightning adapter, as well as another pen if you like.

Promised Review by Spencer Gibb
  • Gives a smooth and fluid writing
  • A traditional touch to writing
  • Compatible with Notepads
  • Works with iPad Pro, iPad Air and iPad mini
  • Original from Apple