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Apple Magic Wireless Keyboard

$89.00 $99.00
Apple Magic Wireless Keyboard
Apple Magic Wireless Keyboard
$89.00 $99.00

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I bought Apple Magic Wireless Keyboard to use with my iPad Pro 10.5. Love it! Pairs up via Bluetooth. I’ve had it for two days and have used it a few hours a day. It came with 85% battery, currently at 84% battery. Dropped a whole 1% in two days. Perfect. I love that it is a full sized keyboard, comparable to my MBP 13″. I also wasn’t a fan of the Apple Smart Keyboard (the cover with the keyboard cooked in). It was just too cramped plus I already had a smart cover so no reason to have two covers. I found out that I could use this keyboard when talking to an Apple Store employee while looking at iMacs. We paired a keyboard up to an iPad and I was sold (although I bought it on Amazon because it is $10 cheaper compared to buying it from Apple). Since it is an Apple keyboard, the battery life shows up in the battery widget along with the iPad battery life and Apple Pencil battery life. Screen brightness and volume controls on the top work with the iPad. I was also able to pair this up with my iPhone 8 but not sure I would ever do that in the future. If there would be one suggestion for iPad users who want to use this keyboard, I would buy a case for it if you are going to travel around with it, like me going to campus and putting it in my backpack. I purchased a Hermit Shell case and it fits perfectly.

Promised Review By Kevin A Lawrence
  • Get a stylish keyboard with sleek design and advance features
  • Built in chargeable battery
  • Enhanced Key features
  • Comfortable and precise typing
  • Pair automatically with mac
  • Easy to work with