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Anti Motion Sickness Glasses

Anti Motion Sickness Glasses
Anti Motion Sickness Glasses

Newest Anti- Motion Sickness Smart Glasses, Ultra-Light Portable Nausea Relief Glasses, Raised Airsick Sickness Seasickness Glasses for Sport Travel Gaming, No Lens Liquid Glasses for Adults or Kids

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Anti Motion Sickness Glasses is very nice product. I bought these glasses not thinking they would work but I was really Mistaken! I get motion sickness and have trouble traveling in a car as a passenger, and if I eat out I diffently can not sit in the back sit!!

I bought these for a trip I was taking to North Carolina with my sister and when I put them on I was surprised that they were working (I was in the front passenger seat) so I started to read while wearing them and again I was ok, so I said lets take them off and when I did I felt ok but decided to continue to wear them. On the visit we went touring and I was in the back seat and after lunch I was surprised how well the glasses worked.

I did not take them off all the time as directions said but I don’t care if I look goofey they were great and really enjoyed this trip from Florida to North Carolina.

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