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Ankle Strap For Cable Machine

Ankle Strap For Cable Machine
Ankle Strap For Cable Machine

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I got Ankle Strap For Cable Machine because my gyms ankle straps mysteriously went missing. I asked the guy at the desk where they went, he had no idea what I was even talking about and then said maybe they are out for maintenance. However, this is a new gym. So unless someone took a pair of scissors to them, I highly doubt they were in need of maintenance. I have used ankle straps a very long time, in my leg and butt, training day routine, because it allows me to hang on to the equipment for balance, unlike other popular workout routines. I have no choice but to use this method because I have Meniere’s Disease in both of my ears, so my equilibrium is shot to crap. I cannot do a proper squat even without barbells because my balance is so poor I have injured myself before trying to do it. So you can imagine how incredibly upset I was when my gym’s ankle straps were adios. I didn’t know what I was gonna do differently with my leg and butt day without injury, until my friend mentioned to me that she follows a fitness woman on YouTube who bought her own ankle straps on Amazon. I have no idea who that woman is, or what brand she used, but I came here since the reviews are good. I absolutely love these straps!!! The D ring is amazing for 2 reasons: It’s so closely sown to the strap that the D ring doesn’t twist around the secured part like the ones from my gym. This makes it a million times more stable and extra comfortable. The second is that they are so big, it’s a snap to connect the hook from the cable towers to the D ring. I also love how cushioned these are, they are comfortable enough to wear the rest of your time at the gym even if you’re not using them. I will mention that if you have really big ankles then you may have a gap in between the padding part of the ankle straps. However, these are so comfortable i doubt that will make it a problem. My ankles are average so the cushioned parts were all around my ankles. I love the bag it comes in, and the band is definitely a bonus. As for weight, I am only able to do up to 20 pounds because I fell off my routine when the gym ankle straps went missing. But I will edit this review to let you know how they hold up doing heavier weights. I imagine it will be no problem for them. Eventually, with all other Velcro products, the Velcro will eventually wear out, when that time comes, I will be ordering again from this company!!!!

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