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Alba Botanica Sunscreen

Alba Botanica Sunscreen
Alba Botanica Sunscreen

Alba Botanica Fragrance Free Clear Spray Sensitive SPF 50 Sunscreen, 6 oz. (Pack of 2)

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Alba Botanica Sunscreen is a great product. “Emollient” means “having the quality of softening or smoothing the skin.” There, I googled it so you don’t have to.

I find it so hard to make informed decisions on whether toiletries are “good.” Healthy? Safe? Effective? Non-toxic (whatever that means)? I really, truly, honestly don’t know if I’m making informed decisions or buying into some company’s marketing ploy.

This is gluten free. Huh? Is that something I should think about when selecting sunscreen? No idea. So I’m just offering my review of this product as used.

I have very pale, red headed kids with sensitive skin. I love spray sunscreen because it goes on quickly and dries before they can run it off on the stroller/car seat. It also makes quick reapplications easy. I only buy spf50 or higher because I’m paranoid. Although I heard that maybe the SPF doesn’t matter and it’s really just about reapplying? Or that there’s no way to know if the company is lying about the SPF? Sheesh his is hard.

Anyways, these bottles got our family part way through the summer with no breakouts and no sunburns (woohoo!). Don’t recommend it on scalps, it makes hair greasy and gross (though it washes out easily in the bath). But we used it on scalps anyways because again, pale redheads. Goes on invisible, doesn’t leave you sticky, doesn’t dry as fast as the cool spray type but dries within a minute without rubbing it in.

So, it works! Five stars! But still no idea if it’s a conscientious product or just a well-marketed one. Oh well, buying it again just to be safe.

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  • Protect your skin
  • Alba Botanica Fragrance-Free Clear Spray Sensitive
  • Sunscreen is recommended by the Skin Cancer
  • Leaping Bunny Certified
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