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Alarm Clock Sound

Alarm Clock Sound
Alarm Clock Sound

Wake Up Light,TITIROBA Sunrise Simulation Dual Alarms Clock Aid Sleep Snooze Function 8 Colors Night Light 7 Natural Sounds & FM Radio,USB Charge Port-AM/PM Wood Grain

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I purchased the “wood” version of this Alarm Clock Sound. It’s not actual wood, it’s plastic, but it ended up looking pretty nice, so to me that was worth the extra $6.

As others have mentioned, the buttons on this clock take a little getting used to. Once I read the manual and figured them out, I had no problem operating it.


• Able to turn off the digital display entirely

• Choice of sounds (we like the birds the best, but I thought all the nature sounds were pretty good)

• 20 light levels (so glad I didn’t get a clock with just three levels, see why in the DISLIKES section)

• Ability to set two different alarms

• “Sunset” function, where the light gradually turns off


 Radio option is nice to have

• Colorful nightlight option is fun


• Not conducive to one-handed operation in the dark.

The thing I really, really dislike about this clock (and the reason for four stars instead of five) is that it’s virtually impossible to operate one-handed, and while you’re lying down. Even something as simple as turning the lamp on and off takes more effort than it should. The buttons are arranged around the “sun,” which means that unless you have the light pointed right towards you or away from you in bed, half of the buttons are on the other side of the clock from where you are. Couple that with the fact that the base of the clock isn’t very stable (it’s fine if you aren’t poking it, but if you try to press a button one-handed, it can tip), and you’ve got a major annoyance. For me, anyway. I’m not going to get rid of it, but I did think briefly about sending it back for that reason.

• The lowest light settings are enough to wake me up.

There are 20 levels of brightness on the clock, but this thing wakes me up by the time it makes it to level 4 or 5, and often before that. This ends up being okay, since it’s still nicer than being beeped awake by an alarm, but it does mean that I don’t get that nice, refreshing sun-is-rising-then-gently-wakes-me-up experience.

Overall, I like it, but I’d need better-placed buttons and more brightness settings to really love it.

Promised Review By chocolatemoose
  • – Useful for sleep/alarm, nightstand light, or reading light
  • – Calming to wake up AND fall asleep
  • – Features nature sounds
  • – Ability to set and toggle between weekday AND weekend alarms
  • – FM Radio has great sound
  • – Different levels of brightness
  • – Can be woken up via sounds or radio
  • – Long enough power cord to plug in to wall
  • – Not intuitive to set up
  • – Function buttons could be better labeled
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