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Airplane Footrest

Airplane Footrest
Airplane Footrest

Airplane Footrest (Memory Foam) - Airplane Travel Accessories - Portable Travel Foot Hammock for Flight Bus Train Office Home - Reduce Swelling and Soreness by Angemay

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I saw Airplane Footrest I was looking for something else. I decided it was worth $10 to try this out because it made sense. I fly extensively overseas in economy. I am about 6′ 1″ so I was not sure if it would help me. This “foot hammock” really worked great.

It is adjustable, so I could raise and lower it to different heights. Using it low, just above the floor, it acts like a foot rest which allows me to ease the pressure on my low back.

Sometimes I raised it to mid-level and let my calf rest inside the hammock. Sometimes I put both feet into it. It hangs easily on the table on the seat in front.

What I did not anticipate was that I could then close the table too. It worked great — and because it was pulling straight down on the table supports, it did not pull the person’s seat in front of me. It rolls up very small in a nice, small sleeve to easily put in the carryone at flight’s end. Very light. I 100% suggest if you fly, this little item is worth having!

Promised Review By Joan
  • Angemay Advantage
  • Adjustable strap designed to suit exactly your height
  • Footrest is very useful for lengthening your foot
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