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Air Fort Inflatable Kids Tent

$49.95 $54.99
Air Fort Inflatable Kids Tent
Air Fort Inflatable Kids Tent
$49.95 $54.99

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Kids love to play Air Fort Inflatable Kids Tent and adults need a calm, quite environment for their work and rest. Kids are noisy and make their playing area where they want, So It creates a problem for adults and children to play and work at a time and at a same place. The manufactures have created inflatable kids tent with the idea of a safe and separate place for kids to play.

Design & Style:

Polyester Fabric: The tent is made of light quality polyester make it breathable and waterproof. You can easily rest without warning that the water penetrate in the material. The inflatable kid’s tent is not only light weight but also reliable and long lasting.

Easily Available:

The Kids tent is easily inflatable; it can be blown up in seconds with the help of switch of an ordinary household fan. Just attached you air fort a with the household tent and you are ready to use. The quickly available quality makes air fort most convenient.

Size & Weight:

Kid’s tent is not only for kids but it’s also very interesting stuff for adults. It has a large size in which several adults and children can fit easily. It is 77” wide and 50” tall. It has a large space in which kids and their toys can easily be adjusted. It also allows adults to bring their blankets, pillow and games inside. The perfect size of tent makes it an independent place for fun and playtime.

Work Buyable:

A family that plays together lives together Air fort provides you a easily available, perfectly sized and safe place to have him together. It allows the children to be independent and explore their hidden qualities in a safe environment. Its popular both in kids and adults because its anytime available play area, and it’s also easy to get away with it.

  • The Air fort is child safety tested and approved.
  • It is easily inflatable.
  • It blows up in less than 30 Seconds.
  • It is light weight & durable.
  • It provides no floor design.
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