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Adidas Superstar Sneaker

$16.64 - $189.95
Adidas Superstar Sneaker
Adidas Superstar Sneaker
$16.64 - $189.95

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I used to be a loyal NIKE shoe customer. NIKE decides to support Colin Kapernick, I’m out as a NIKE customer. I wore these same shoes back in the 70’s (wish they would bring back the Adidas Americana). Great fit, classic styling and very comfortable. If I did have a complaint, I wish the arch were maybe a little higher. But overall, I am completely satisified and will order again.

Promised Review by Dave Armstrong
  • Original by Adiddas
  • Look like a real superstar
  • Available in all sizes
  • A lot range of colors and styles available
  • Comfortable in wearing
  • 100% made of geniune leather
  • Rubber sole therefore is insanly soft
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