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adidas Defender III Duffel Bag

adidas Defender III Duffel Bag
adidas Defender III Duffel Bag

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The attached photos are adidas Defender III Duffel Bag of a size medium bag. You might be confused as to the size because they seem to have lumped all the sizes of these bags into one set of reviews.

Most US airlines allow 22X14X9 at least for carry on. The medium size here is 24 x 13 x12 so it is technically a bit big, but since it is amorphous you can probably get away with it if it is not jam packed. Southwest is 24X16X10 and they would probably not have an issue. I have found that they are far more likely to check your bag if it is a stiff shape, its simply too hard to measure a duffle correctly so unless it is obviously way to large they usually do not bother.

This bag has zippered pockets on both ends (can easily fit a pair of mens size 10 sneakers) and a shallow long pocket (12 in by 6.5 in) on the front.

The jersey looking version looks like cotton, bit it is in fact also nylon (which is better for luggage)

There is a loop at one end for hanging it up and it also comes with 2 unattached elastic bands. This makes it a nice dufflel to store when you have limited space, you can smoosh it flat, put the bands around it and hang it up in your closet.

Well made and sturdy. The size medium would be good for a weekend trip if you are not a heavy packer. Also an excellent soccer or basketball bag as the opening is U shaped so you can easily stuff your ball into the bag. Photo with a 26.5 inch basketball attached, to give an idea of the volume that will fit.

Promised Review By Two kids mom
  • a classic gym bag
  • extra storage
  • reinforced ripstop fabric
  • this bag is built to last
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