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Acid Watcher Diet Book

Acid Watcher Diet Book
Acid Watcher Diet Book

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If you struggle with GERD or LPR, this cookbook is amazing. By neutralizing acidic food with alkaline foods, it lets you eat all kind of foods you never thought you could. I highly recommend this cookbook and the original Acid Watcher Diet book that explains how the diet works.

Promised Review By ljam
  • The same great taste with a different cooking method to reduce acidity and give you awesome taste
  • A way to recover, to help them identify hidden acid injury signs and to provide a two-phase eating and lifestyle plan to reduce acid and inflammation of the whole body.
  • The book includes recipes such as Cauliflower Pizza, Plant-Based Chili, Butternut Squash “Mac ‘n’ Cheese” and creative basics including Tahini Dressing, Beet Ketchup, and Garlic Aioli, along with meal plans and food lists
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