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8×10 Picture Frame

$32.99 $43.99
8×10 Picture Frame
8×10 Picture Frame
$32.99 $43.99

upsimples 8x10 Picture Frame Set of 10,Display Pictures 5x7 with Mat or 8x10 Without Mat,Multi Photo Frames Collage for Wall or Tabletop Display,Black

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8×10 Picture Frame are fancy or even mid-range frames – I don’t know why anyone would think so, considering the economical price – but they are quite good for simple applications. It’s important to know that there is a protective film layer on BOTH sides of the poly “glass” (not real glass, gang) that must be removed before use. The fact that there is printing one only one side can be confusing and the inserted image will be clouded if the film isn’t removed from both sides. After removing, the poly should appear clear and scratch-free. You can’t clean it as vigorously as you might glass or it will certainly get scratched.

I sprayed-painted the plastic frames silver and used photos of flowers from an old calendar to create lightweight decorations for my elderly mother’s room. Should one of the frames fall off the wall, I’ll be glad knowing there’s no heavy wood, metal, ceramic, or glass to injure my mom. I’m satisfied with this product and would buy it again if needed.

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  • Mat opening designed slightly smaller
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