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5 Drawer Plastic Storage Tower

5 Drawer Plastic Storage Tower
5 Drawer Plastic Storage Tower

IRIS USA 110306 Wide Storage Drawer Cart, 5, Black

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I like the 5 Drawer Plastic Storage Tower. The Wides I have 1 3drawer 2 5Drawer 1 6drawer the Regs I have 1 10 drawer 1 7 drawer these Drawer carts are way better than the Sterilite ones, the IRIS are allot sturdier.

The plastics a little denser than the sterilite ( Go to Wally World and check for yourself). Only drawback is the shipping, the farther you are from the shipping warehouse the more chances it has to get damaged.

I only had one of the 5 drawers damaged out of all of them. I really like these, I keep all my 1/35th scale Armor Stuff in them.(small tools, photo etch, figures, conversions, Friulmodel Tracks, Paint, Diorama stuff, etc).

They work really well for that. If you do get one damaged take it to the UPS store ship it back and order another one. They’re worth it, Just watch the prices they go up and down….From stupid to just right…

Promised Review By Heavymetaltrax
  • The perfect storage solution for any room in the house
  • Easy-pull drawers for quick access. Material-Plastic
  • Drawer stops help prevent drawers from falling out
  • Removable casters for easy portability